Tune into your creative side:8 simple but amazing ways to boost your creativity

What is creativity?



You are creative

You get my point here?

Creativity is just not limited to producing art, doing crafts, writing a poem or an appealing piece of content or anything we normally term as creative.

To me, the world is a creative place.  CREATIVITY IS EVERWHERE.

Each one of us is creative but in different unique ways. 
A mother, making tricks to make her 3rd-grade daughter understand a math table, is creative. A nurse distracting a toddler while putting injections is creative.

Creativity is a sense of uniqueness in whatever you do.

Quoting Mary Lou cook here  "Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun."

You see, it's just getting some interesting ideas and having unique ways to tweak those ideas. That's it! 

But sometimes, it may happen that you can't get to an idea or conclusion about something, let's say some project. 

This never means that you aren't creative, you are just not thinking clearly. 

During such times, you may need some channeling to tune into your creative side. In simple words, you need creativity boosters!

So here are some creativity boosters that would get those juicy creative ideas flowing out of your minds.


Go ahead and have a look at these 8 different ways you can use to boost your inner-creativity

Be a magnet and attract ideas 

Sometimes, actually most of the time, you need to look and find inspiration from everything that surrounds you. 

Be a hawk eye and scan every single thing around you. You don't know what may ignite your power of imagination and strike you with a brilliant idea.

For example, I love painting and when my mind is chaos about what to paint and what colors to use, I sometimes don't look out for other paintings for inspiration but I look into cookbooks( not to cook basically) but to extract the color palette from the dish and transfer it to my canvas.

Write your mind out

Sometimes, the case is not about "OH! I AM BLANK", it's about "SHIT! I CAN'T FOCUS".
Your mind is entangled because it is flooded with soooo many ideas that having a focal point seems too tough. 

So what we do is we take a piece of paper(not a digital notepad) and pen and write down every single idea your mind is cooking
at that particular time.

Don't stop until you have extracted all the creativity from your mind. 
Then go through your text and decide a focal point over a cup of coffee or tea.

Take a hot bath

Now most of you may know this and you all must be like "duh!" but I just can't omit this extraordinary technique to get your creative juices flowing.

Studies have shown that when you take a bath, your body and mind relax and you are in a better state to thinking of endless possibilities.

Feeling less creative? 
Wait! Did you take a bath today?

Go to the park and.... meditate???

Heard this right! 
Meditating is really powerful because you block out the outer world and focus on your inner-self. 

But here, we'll do it the exact opposite.

Don't meditate in seclusion. Sounds crazy?
Well, I am crazy but creatively crazy!

Go to a park, sit on a bench, close your eyes for 10 minutes and observe. Observe through your ears, not through eyes. 

Record every single detail that passes through your ears into a folder into your mind and then takes a pocket-sized notepad and write down everything that you recorded. 

Then choose what you find interesting from your notes. I am sure you will get some interesting ideas.

Question people and collect data

People around you are a great source of inspiration.

When stuck, go to a family member or a friend and ask them their perspective about the particular thing you are looking for ideas for. 
And if you have nothing in particular, then start conversing about something general but somehow related to your interests.

I bet you'll find some amazing perspectives throughout.

Now not each one of them will you amazing responses but out of 10, maybe 4 of them give you some dynamics? 

Consider it as a survey, collect your data and rock!

Expect the unexpected! 

Creativity strikes you at unusual times. 

I don't quite remember where I got to hear this from or maybe I read this somewhere but it's safe to say that it works.

Well in my case not every time but most of the time, creativity knocks at your door at odd times

You won't be looking for it and it'll suddenly strike you at the most unexpected time.


Consider like this, If mornings are what you call as your most productive time, it's not unnatural that an idea would click in evenings when you are sipping tea or coffee. 

When this happens what you gotta do is jump out of your cozy place, go to your workspace, grab a pen(this time even a digital notepad) and jot things down. 

Focus and stress enough to squeeze out every interesting thing you can.

Wanna pump up Creativity? 


Ever wondered “where was this amazing idea when I kept searching for it all the time”, right after waking up from a dream or waking up in general?

Well, that’s your REM(rapid eye movement) at work. 

We all know that our subconscious mind comes into action during sleep. 
Our dreams are nothing but the result of our subconscious thoughts(thoughts that take a backseat during daylight and hence appear as dreams). 

Basically, REM is the middle ground where consciousness and subconsciousness meet. The process of drifting into a deep slumber is REM and that is the time when most of your subconscious thoughts surface up and triggers ideas, hence giving a boost to your creativity. 

So don’t be surprised if your mind is full of creative juices when u wake up from a deep slumber.

A little more caffeine, please?

Let me make this very clear, I am a hard-core tea person. 
I have this habit of drinking tea when I feel unproductive or my mind is a mess. 

So, this fact came as a surprise(more like a blessed surprise) to me.

When I just stumbled upon this fact, I was beyond ecstatic. 

Because #1 I love tea. Offer me a cup of tea and you are my best friend. 
#2 I love the fact that my favorite drink triggers and enhances my favorite concept of thinking-CREATIVITY. 

Well, not in a literal sense but indirectly it does.

Tea or black tea contains caffeine that is known to boost focus and attentiveness in a person. 

Feeling less creative? Well, a cup of tea or (coffee) is all you need to get your creative juices flowing.

These are the 8 ways that you can practice to get past the creative block.

Get over the not-so-creative mood and create some amazing kinda stuff and just rock! 

Please let me know in the comments what you think about these 8 different ways of boosting creativity.
Also, If you know any other way that enhances creativity, please let me know:)