7 best DIY craft kits for kids to help them learn new skills during lock-down.

Engage your kids with these crafts kits during lock-down.

It's no doubt, that kids are born with creative traits.  Give a kid a paper and color pens and see what wonders he/she creates. 

Kids are the most creative beings and it's important to motivate 
them on their creative thinking abilities.

 Every child is an artist, the problem lies in staying   an artist when you grow up -  Pablo Picasso

It's important to let them cultivate their creative and 
problem-solving abilities and help them learn new skills throughout. 

Because learning should never stop, not even while lock-down. 

With schools being closed they must be missing their routine like 
we do and must be losing touch with their "learn and grow" habits 
plus boredom is REAL!

But you can help them retain their creative thinking with these DIY kits that are strategically designed for kids to improve their 
sensory skills, creative thinking skills, and focusing skills.

Also, with these DIY kits, the kids have a little to no chance of getting bored.

The best part is that they are DIY and we all love DIY because it's 
fun, it's frugal, it's a new experience every time, it's educational, 
entertaining, exciting ( I can go on and on about DIYs)

So now assuming that I have your attention totally, I am proceeding towards listing down some amazing DIY kits that your kids may enjoy creating and learning. 

So let's begin

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DIY card making kit

Diy Craft kit

Encourage your little girl(or your little boy) to make beautiful 
birthday cards or any special occasion cards on their own with 
these DIY card making kits.

We all know that schools shutting down suddenly has led them to 
confusion and missing their friends a lot. 
So what's best than encouraging them to make DIY special cards for their friends so that when they would meet them, they can gift them these customized treasuries.

Grab this extremely beneficial DIY card making kit from Amazon 
Magnetic tiles

Magnetic tiles for kids

Magnetic tiles have been a rage for a couple of years. Kids and parents, both love them.

Magnetic tiles are colorful, crafty, and also great for sensory play ideas.


  • sharpen a kid's creativity
  • Suitable for experimentation activities
  • Enhance creativity
Parents can take part in this sensory play session with their kids and help them explore more with these magnetic wonders.

Get them here.

Glow in the dark slime kit

Glow in the dark slime kit

Tell me..who doesn't love slimes?
If you say you don't...grab a piece of slime and watch you 
contradicting yourself because IT IS ADDICTIVE and also a 
sensory play thingy. 

And what's even more enthralling is the process of slime making. 
It's calming, it's creative, but it's messy? 
Not anymore with this awesome DIY slime kit that glows in the dark.
Buy them here

Mould and Paint kit

Mould and paint kit

Why buy fridge magnets when your kid can create them all on their own.
Imagine getting customized fridge magnets made by your kids that you can hang on your fridge and every time you look at it, you are filled with pride.

I've listed here mould and paint fairy-themed kit which your 
princess can enjoy creating but I am sure you can find bluer 
themed kits for your superhero too.

Overall this is a great kit for kids as it helps them in their 
development skills. 

Your kid can experience creative and focus-based learning and can experiment with colors which they absolutely love.

Get the kit here on amazon.

Cookie decorating kit

Cookie decorating kit

Now, this can be useful for you too, but kiddos may love it and you 
all get to create amazing memories together.

Because kids heart decoration and fun and with this kit, you can 
achieve both plus you get to savor yummy cookies and pops too. 
Hmm..not a bad deal!

Help your kids decorate cookies, cupcakes, and popsicles and in return get helped by your kids in the kitchen.

Technically, help your kids help you, that sounds odd, right? but 

This will also make them learn the habit of helping mums in the 
kitchen and entice in them a level of self-confidence when they see 
that the whole family is enjoying something they made on their own.

So if this sounds deliciously awesome to you then
grab this cookie decorating kit here

Sticker maker kit

sticker maker kits

Enhance their imaginative skills (which they are bestowed within 
abundance) with sticker making techniques.
With sticker making machines, the process comes as a breeze.

Sticker making is fun and amazing. 
And this kit is not only amazing but is armed by the easy peezy process too. 
Grab it here

Diamond painting by numbers

diamond painting kits

The list coming from a girl who loves loves loves colors and art, 
you should have expected this!

And I have all the reasons to include this in my list because it is that awesome. 

Painting on its own is a fun experience (professional painters gonna stare at me now) okay, it's hard work but it's fun...

But for a kids craft list, we can keep the hard work part to ourselves and focus on the fun part alone.

This paint by numbers kit makes it even more awesome by giving 
the kids numbers for each color of diamonds and guiding them 
throughout. This kit is painting with a twist.

Paint by numbers

Isn't that great and lovely too...your kids will be able to learn 
painting so efficiently and with your guidance, there's no chance 
of the painting getting ruined because it's designed that way.

I can't stop gushing over this product.
Even you won't if you order them and watch them yourself...
Get them now by clicking here

Calligraphy workbook

Calligraphy workbook for kids

Now you may be wondering why is this under the kids kit section 
but believe me, calligraphy doesn't have to be perfect strokes and 
lines always. 

Calligraphy is a calming pleasurable fun-time skill(though an 
important skill) and in order to give your kid a calming experience 
and keep them on a distance from mobiles and tablets, 

This is a very useful, engaging and exciting option. 
Plus it teaches discipline too, by making them adhere to the lines 
and curves. 

And if you have a teen at your house then hands-down the perfect 
gift for them
Buy them here.

Gifting kids a DIY craft kit will not only make them happy, let them pass their time effectively but also give them a sense of pride that they made something on their own.
Resulting in increased self-confidence and self-esteem.

Comment down which of these do you and your kids like. 
Also, if you have any other such craft kit suggestion then please let me know.