DIY fairylights wall decor using cardboard|bedroom/living room upcycled wall decor aesthetics

DIY Fairylights Decor for your bedroom or living room wall

Have you ever caught the view of fireflies at night?
Ever been excited about those beauties sparkling at night?

Ever tried catching them in jars so they can become an adornment to your room or garden? ( OK! This one is not such a good thing).

If yes, then you may know how beautiful they view looks, it is scenic...
If no, then I don't guarantee you a fireflies view but you can still get the feels with its (not exact but a little close) alternative.

Any guesses what they maybe? 


They are fairy lights!

Yes! Fairy lights are magical, they can change the feel of an atmosphere in seconds. 

Not only that, but studies also show that light has a significant impact on your mood and productivity.

Very recently, Switzerland conducted a light show for its citizens to lighten up their worrying souls. 

Why light show?

Because as I said, research has shown that an ample amount of light plays a crucial role in lightening up moods, thoughts, and emotions.

And for a fact, who doesn't love fairy lights and the perfect ambience it brings with it?
Someone who's born on 30th Feb, maybe?

I gauged this idea of using fairy lights as a wall decor from Pinterest, tweaked it a bit and I am glad the way it turned out because it's such a game-changer for my room.

So without further ado, let's get right into the making of this DIY fairy lights decor for your bedroom wall.

Materials you'll need

  • Cardboards (lots and lots of)
  • Wallpapers
  • Glue gun 
  • Tape(optional)
  • Calligraphy pens or paint(color of your choice0
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • knif√© or rotary blade for cutting purposes.
Note: I had these large spare cardboard so made a really large fairy light wallboard, but if you don't have such large cardboard then worry not. Follow along and you can make smaller wall pieces with the steps laid below. The size is up to you but the end product shall be awesome in any sizes.

And nowww...Action!

Step 1

Take a piece of cardboard, I've taken here two large cardboard pieces that measured 100*45. I used tapes to attach both the cardboard and make it into a single board.
You can see the tape here 

so the total measurement for my board was 200*45

Step 2

Now, for the frames or borders( whatever you may call it), I took 2 different sizes of cardboard pieces. 
One that measured 100*10 (for upper and lower borders)

and another that measured 5*25 (for borders on the sides)

Step 3

 Cut 12 pieces of the larger sized cardboard.

and 6 pieces of smaller sized cardboard.

Step 4

Then glue 3 pieces each to form a single thick cardboard block'
glue them together with the help of glue gun like this

So now we have 4 blocks of larger sized cardboard and 2 blocks of smaller sized cardboard.


Now for the base of the board, I've wrapped it up with self-adhesive decorative wallpapers. I've used marble-like textured wallpaper here. You can get the same on Amazon here or you can choose any other texture and color of your choice.

So now, the base looks something like this

  (I've cropped up the sides just to avoid irrelevancy)

Step 6

And wrapped up the blocks that would form borders into another wallpaper. Again, I've used here wood colored wallpaper to retain the look of woods but it's totally up to you to choose any colored or textured wallpaper.

Step 7

With our base and borders ready, we are heading towards assembling and gluing them together.
I then glued them to the base with the help of my glue gun.

Step 8

Now, for the middle letter board, I again used cardboard (duh!).
I cut another cardboard piece that measured 120*10 and then wrapped it too into the white wallpaper.

Then I thought of adding a rustic touch to it and went on adding wood colored wallpapers onto the upper and lower edges of the letter board.

Step 9

To make this letter board pop out, I cut 10 small strips of cardboard, wrapped them into woody colored wallpapers(don't ask me why I did this, I have no idea) and glued them one by one, side by side to the letter board like this

Again don't ask me why I didn't cut equal-sized cardboard as that of the letter board and placed them to form a block to make the board pop-out.



Step 10

I attached the letter board to the base of the fairy lights wallboard with the help of my glue gun (Oh! what would I do without it).

And wrote a quote on it. 

I wrote it using brown paint. You can use calligraphy pens or markers or anything that suits you.

Step 11

Time to use fairy lights...YAY!!!
I used the LED lights that I bought from a local gift store near my house. 

You can find it on Amazon or any other local store near you.

The first thing I did was make holes into the board so that I could insert the bulbs from behind.

I didn't want the wires to show up so, hence the technique.

As you can see, I made very small holes in them so that they may not be visible in daylight. 

Well, they are visible but don't look ugly.
They somehow form dotted patterns on that base which is cool too!  

Step 12

Now I inserted the bulbs through those holes  from behind like this

and placed the board on the wall using double-sided tapes
lots and lots of double-sided tape and strong adhesive tapes should be used.

Otherwise, the board may fall off! Ouch! Just the thought of it hurts.


If you want to create smaller boards, you can follow the same instructions but reduce the size of the board. That's it!

I hope you liked this DIY Fairylights wall decor.

Comment me if you like it or not.