How-to DIY a metal tree wall decor using cardboard.Upcycled wall decal

We all love frugal ways to decorate our house because let's face it, our tastes and decorating styles change season by season and nobody is crazy enough to spend dollars each time you decorate and renovate. Plus FRUGAL IS FUN.

DIY-ing is such an amazing frugal activity that inspires us and makes us even more creative. The whole concept of DIY is to achieve something high standard and high quality with limited resources and of course! make it look YOU.

I love DIY-ing because it's calming, it's personalization according to my taste and it's thrifty(because I am thrifty). Like when I know that this particular thing can be done with limited resources and with so less. Why choose the opposite?

So without further discussions, let me show you one such DIY that I completely adore. 



Excuse the poor lighting, but did that on purpose to show you the beauty and charm of metallics.

So, I'd always had a thing for metallics. I JUST LOVE THEM.
You know it just radiates out the rich elegant vibes.
To me, they are the perfect go-to option if you want to decorate your walls alongside abstract paintings and tapestry.

Wall decor on a budget

And if you are anything like me who used to think that the look of metallics can be obtained only through hard metallic wall decor, otherwise it would look cheap, then it's time to reconsider our opinions because not only these decorative metallics look can be acquired through simple steps and simple stuff like cardboard but they are SUPER INEXPENSIVE! 

And the best part? They are custom-made so design it the way you want.

OK now, let's dive right into the process of making this metallic tree wall decor.   
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You'll need:
Let's DIY

Step 1: 

Take cardboard(any size) and mark the shape of the tree trunk. 
If you have a larger cardboard piece than mine or if you intend to make a smaller tree then go ahead and cut out the whole tree from the single desired cardboard piece that you have.
The size of the tree depends upon your liking and where you want to place it.
I took two medium-sized cardboard sizing 100*100. One for the trunk and other for the branches because I didn't have a larger cardboard piece where I can cut out the tree as a whole. 

So yeah, one for the trunk and other for the branches.  



The pic above displays the tracing of the tree trunk.

Step 2:

And being the careless self that I am, I forgot to capture the pic before the cutting of traced out branches. Hence the "after cutting" pic above. 

I drew and cut six branches from equal-sized cardboard listed in step 1.
I wanted to give it a look of a palm tree, hence the equal-sized branches to get the uniform look.

Step 3:

Glue both tree trunk and branches with the help of a glue gun or with some strong heavy glue because the branches need to hold on when they are stuck on the wall.

Step 4:

Next, paint them.
I used two coats of red, brown, and (a li'l amount of) dark green to acquire the earthy-toned tree trunk and branches.

I used poster colors from kokuyo camel brand. And they are amazing in quality.

Step 5: 

Now for the leaves, I cut different sizes, majorly three different sizes. Sizes are random.

With the help of the glue gun, I drew veins to achieve an even more natural look. It isn't perfect but I didn't wish them to be either. 

Cut as many leaves as you can to form that clustered look.

Step 6:

Paint them using any of your favorite metallic colors or you can mix colors like I've done.

While using a single metallic color is great too but using two or more colors creates that varied, beautiful look, and many interior designing sites share that mixing metals can create a rich look as well as make your space even more stylish and make your room spacious. So no harm here!

I've used gold, bronze, and copper metallic colors from fevicryl and they are amazing. The texture of the paint and vibrance was something that awed me completely. This was my first time using fevicryl and I am completely hooked to it.

(At least to the metallics edition)

Step 7:

 Once the tree trunk, branches, and leaves had dried up, start gluing the leaves to the branches. 

 I was clueless regarding the placement of leaves on the branches, so what I did was create an outline by placing some leaves on a distance from each other throughout the tree leaves like this

So that I could get an idea of where to create clusters and where to leave some space for the tree to breathe (they are living beings too...LOL😁)

Step 8:

Once you have outlined the placement of leaves, start by adding to each glued leaf, 5-6 leaves to achieve the clustered look.
Continue until the desired look is achieved. 


And your metallic wall decor. Oops! Metallic tree wall decor is ready to add richness to your wall and to your room.

Attach it to the wall using double-sided tape.

Have fun DIY-ing.

Comment below what you think about this project. Also, if you have any doubts regarding this, feel free to question me on that.