Living room decor mistakes:Factors that makes your living room look smaller.

If there's one place where you can feel all by yourself then it's your home.

Home is where the heart is!

No matter how big, small, teeny tiny or massive it is, you just love it because it's yours to call.

It's where you can breathe freely, no restrictions



What if the rooms in your house can't breathe freely?

What if it feels restricted and cramped?

And NO, the unbreathability (if that's even a word, lol) is not because you don't have a larger space.


It's probably because you are making some core mistakes that eventually shrinkens your space.

We keep wondering and even ask google “how to make our living rooms look bigger?”

Because living rooms are the heart of any house.

When infact there are some crucial factors

that contibute on making our living room smaller even

if it's as big as a football ground.

(Ohkayyyy! that's an exaggeration).

These are some factors that if done right can fool the eye into believing that you have a larger living room and if done wrong can reverse the results abruptly.

Zero color coordination

You may like turquoise and you may also like lime yellow and

you would want to incorporate both into your living room interiors.


Cool! But not really feasible.

Because when you use sharp contrasting colors, those colors kinda

fight for attention. Both at the same time which creates visual

confusion. there should be synchronizing between colors so that your eyes move accordingly.


Keeping colors balanced and connected directs the vision

to move in sync.




Higher contrast can be quirky and fun but they instantly give away the illusion of smaller rooms.


 Not using the right set of curtains


Curtains play an important role in making or breaking your 

room’s design.

If you want your room to look bigger, then keep these in mind while decorating it with drapes

The curtains should be

  • light in color

  • lighter in material 

  • the right size of the curtains

  • Decorative but not loud in prints 

If you select the wrong size or color of curtains, then no matter how big your space looks, the vision will eye it as small.

Use cotton laced plus block out curtains collectively for a 2 in 1 purpose. you get both privacy and light.

Hang curtains from the ceiling to the floor.

This will trick the eye to believe that the space is tall and large. Because if you manage to make the room look tall then the matter of space is automatically tackled. Our eyes and minds are designed to connect both.

Poor arrangement of furniture

You have amazing pieces of furniture. Antique or modern or contemporary whatever it is, it is the best and you have planned and bought the furniture to suit your needs and space but still, you feel like your space is cluttered and unbreathable and you don’t get the feels.


Because your placement of furniture is incorrect.

  • You have either pushed your sofas against the four walls 

  • Or you have placed a bookshelf in a way that blocks the path of light entering your room.

If so, then consider changing it to an area in your living where it compliments the path of light to maximize your space. 


if you have a large window in your living, then place your sofas opposite to it or across from it.

Placing the sofa against the area through which light enters can open up space.

Having too much furniture

Now you may ask

How much is too much? 

When you can’t get moving freely around your space that’s too much.

When you have to follow a maze-like walking pattern in your house that’s too much.

What if I love decorating it with pieces of antique furniture? 

Go ahead but keep it minimal

  • Buy large antique furniture instead of many small furniture.

  • If you like placing a diwan sofa or a backless sofa then opt out of accent chairs and vice versa.

  • Also, balance it out. Follow a balanced look while arranging furniture.

  • Use multi-purpose furniture pieces and lightweight furniture. Like, If you want to place small antique decorative pieces, then use floating shelves to arrange them.

Poor lighting

It’s undeniable that natural light is a crucial element that contributes to visually enlarge your space.

But just relying on natural space is not an ideal thing. 

Especially when the natural lights aren’t ample(this may be due to many situations).

To achieve ample light, you must provide artificial lighting too.

And no, I am not just talking about that fancy looking chandeliers or ceiling lights but a source of light besides your sofa  and wall-mounted lights here and there are great.

Beware of cluttering your space in the name of decorating it with light sources.

Dark-colored walls

No matter how much amount of natural or artificial light sources


you provide to your homes if your walls aren’t painted light colors then it may be a problem.

Light-colored walls give away the illusion of open and large spaces even if you have small to medium-sized living rooms or bedrooms.

Dark painted walls can make a space look dull, sometimes gloomy and may contribute to making your space look small and cramped.

Not like you can’t paint walls with your favorite colors like grey or blue but choose lighter shades of those colors and compliment it with accessories that are darker shades of your wall colors.

Undefined spaces


Always and I repeat always scale your spaces with rugs to create a sense of defined corners and spaces.

Chose rugs that are not too large that they don’t leave a bare space or not too small that makes them almost invisible.

Rugs can be viewed as separators that separate your sitting area and dining or your bed and love seat area.

These can be considered as invisible lines or walls that clearly define the spaces.

Not using rugs or using a single extra-large rug can make your space looks either small or disconnected.

By using properly sized rugs within your sofa and using another rug within your dining table and leaving the extra spaces bare will create an illusion of a larger room.

Cluttered walls

Not too long ago I used to think that having  many small pieces of wall art and paintings on my walls may look trendy but in reality cluttered walls can make your room look smaller.


Consider I have a wall like that and someone visits my house someday. As soon as the visitor enters the first thing he/she notices is my walls that hold soooo many art pieces.

They drive the visitors' focus to it because they pop out  and when the visitor views the room apart from that, he/she may find it small because

#1 walls are popping out at our faces,

#2 the cluttered walls leaves the impression of cluttered space in our minds,

and thus our brain tricks our eye to view the place as small and cluttered.

Try having one large wall art or three equally spaced, equal-sized wall art or three equal-sized wall decals on a wall and you are good to go.

If you love gallery walls, try them too but assign them to the corners or walls that don’t seek that much attention.

Bonus tip:

Incorporating tall plants, either real or fake (personally, I love faux plants because I am horrible at gardening) can create visual illusion related to the heights of the room.

As I said earlier, If you manage to make a room look tall then the broadness of your room is clearly tackled.

Plus, looking at something green can help tackle anxiety and leaves you afresh.

These are some design mistakes that deliberately leads to making your living room or bedroom smaller and clenched.

I am sure they may be other factors contributing to shrinking the space too. 

If you know any then please let me know in the comments.

Also, tell me your views regarding the points laid above.


  1. I recently moved my bedroom around and you are so right about the poor arrangement of furniture and crowded walls! As I start to become more minimal my space looks bigger than it ever has! Great tips :) - Monica

    1. Thankyou monica! Glad you liked it!
      Hope the other tips laid out here help you in the future.