10+ Best gifts for husbands 2020

Best gifts for husbands on Eid

He is a lot more special than you can describe, you find it difficult to find words describe your love and respect for him but what's even more difficult is choosing up a gift for him.

Yes! You may know him like you know yourself or maybe more than that but still, you can't seem to zero down on a gifting idea for your special man because you want it to look special, personalized, adorable and the one which he may cherish for a lifetime.

Even though you find it difficult to zero down a gift for him, you want to express your love through gifts on several occasions/festivities.

Eid is just one of those festivities to shower him with love and spoil him with heartfelt gifts.

May that be Eid or his birthday, his promotion celebration, or any other special occasion, this post has got your back. 


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Gifting ideas for husbands

So to ease your burden, I've listed down some of the best and amazing gift ideas that he might love.

Take a look


  As we are discussing it on the occasion of Eid, I've put some Muslim related stuff on the top listings of my list. 'Thobe' also known as 'Kandura' is a traditional Islamic dress basically worn by Arabs. It is a long sherwani like shirt that's light in material and easy to wear. Basically, every man loves to wear traditional at least once in his life. So why not surprise him with a variety in his wardrobe this time?


No matter what type your man is, he must love the authentic fragrance of musk. No man doesn't love perfumes and a Muslim man finds it in himself to connect to the essence of itr or perfumes on special occasions like Eid. 

Gift him these amazing smelling and amazing selling perfumes.

Find them here and here on Amazon.


If your man isn't comfortable with the mobile version of the Quran,  you can gift him a pocket-sized Quran that's easy to fit in his bag or his pocket(duh;p). Of course, he'll be rewarded for reciting the verses but you'll get rewarded alongside too, so it's a win-win situation.


Again, the win-win situation kinda thing.

If your man is a frequent traveler then gifting him pocket prayer mat is just an amazing option. So that he can offer prayer on time wherever he is with ease and convenience.


Readers are leaders they say. Reading is an old cherished habit and men (not all) but most of them are avid readers for some unknown reason, lol.

So if your man comes under such category, you can gift him books on business, Islam(as we are speaking of Eid gifts), time management, health, and fitness, etc. 

One such awesome book is listed below. It deals with productivity and promotes positive thinking. You can have a look here.


Let's even talk about writing, gifting men pen set has been an old custom which I love the most. I don't know why but it seems that with every feeling poured down with the ink of that pen or with every success signed, your blessings are with the one you gifted. 

It's cool to think that they will be reminded of you whenever they might use the pen. 

This pen set from Amazon is just the right set you want to gift any man in your life. It comes with a leather notebook and a leather bookmark...now how cool is that?

Go find it yourself here.


Every man loves to get pampered by their woman. 

So pamper him with this grooming kit from no other than the famous brand "Braun". 

Get this steal deal here

Or find such other all in one grooming kits on Amazon. 


Now let's get a bit tech-genic. Wait! Tech-genic? 

Yeah...The times that we are living in these days isn't an unknown fact. 

Sanitizers and masks have become more prominent stuff we carry than earplugs or makeup. Sanitizing everything around us, in fact including us has become a priority but one thing that we get stuck at is "how to sanitize our phones?" 

Well, there may be many indigenous ways but nothing beats technology. 

The phone sanitizer sanitizes your phones within 15 minutes without any hassle. 

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He may get irked up when his belongings aren't at a single place, especially his keys, charger, and earbuds. 

Ease him with this wooden dock station where he could keep all his necessary belongings at a single place in an organized manner. 

Get this here on amazon.


No matter if he's a fitness freak or not, a fitness tracker is for everybody.

It has so many benefits like monitoring heart rate, steps-counting, daily analysis, and much more. Gifting him this will be an amazing shot and he'll just love you more for this stylish fitness assistant.

Find this at a cheap deal on Amazon here


Wallets are one of the greatest inventions I think. And it's one of the most important possession too because it contains not just many but credit cards and such valuable stuff. So why not gift him something classic as well as techy in the name of a wallet that may protect itself? 

Check out this wallet with a card tracker aka RFID protection on Amazon here


You can create one yourself and repurpose a thrift store find with ribbons and laces and fill it with his favorite snacks, chocolates, dry fruits with cards, and your special gift. I bet this will be the most amazing present you can give him. 

Or you can order a pre-made basket/hamper online from stores that hold specializations in this or from Amazon.

Affordable gifts for husbands


Whatever you gift him, add a touch of personalization by adding a DIY greeting/wishes card with it to make him feel extra-special because men are those who fulfill everyone's wishes and demands but never expect anything in return.

I hope the list helps you in finding the perfect gift for your perfect man.

Tell me which of these are you going to present to your hubster in the comments.