Stylish homes on a budget:5 must-haves to make your home look stylish

Decorating a house is a is what makes a house "HOME".
House is brick and mortar whereas home is emotions and feelings.


You want it to look perfect, you want it to feel warm, you want it to look chic, nicer, cool, modern, all in all you want it to look stylish yet functional.

You don't wanna follow trends yet yearn for up-to-date looks which can be done using simple decor elements that are evergreen trends.

And let's also accept this! No matter how awesome your home may look at this point, there will be a time when you would want to renovate and redecorate it because Human nature it is! But getting your home inclusive of these evergreen decor can help you save a lot plus no matter what style or trend you choose, these will add charm in every possible way.

So Here are 5 must haves that are evergreen trends and will make your home the epitome of style in seconds.

Ways to make your house look more stylish within a budget

Add plants

It's no secret that having an indoor plant helps you in many ways.

Natural indoor plants can purify air and create a cleaner atmosphere.
While natural plants are helpful, artificial or faux plants are no less. Yes! they don't clean your air but they are greener in color alike natural plants and color plays an important role in improving one's mood and health.
Science proves that color green has a direct impact on our mood and the impact is (ofcourse!) positive.
Plus focusing on nature helps you to combat anxiety better.

Adding a tall plant behind your accent chair or besides your window can not only make your room look stylish but also make it look bigger. Because the tall plant draws the eye upwards and we all know that the higher the ceiling looks, the spacious the room seems.
It's psychology duh!

Faux lighting

You may know how much of a crucial aspect is lighting in order to create a bigger room illusion.
But do you have any idea what wonders those sconces and pendants and side floating lamps can do?

Faux-lighting-stylish-living room

pendant-lights-stylish-living rooms

If you want to give a glam and stylish look to your home, then you don't need to invest thousands of dollars to get one. Getting a pendant lighting or beautiful sconces can do the trick!


In my recent post, I shared with you one of my DIYs that uses metallics as its theme.


I also discussed how metallics can change the entire look of your otherwise boring wall and the look of your living room or bedroom altogether.

If you want to talk about rich, classy, luxurious and elegant decor then using metallics to decorate may be the best suitable option.

From using small beautiful decorative metallic pieces to hanging a metallic wall decal to painting your trim golden,copper or bronze(only if you know your room will stay in sync even after doing this), the possibilities with metallics are endless.

They are a style statement.
Bet me on that!


Vignettes are like magnets. They attract the eye instantly and create interesting vibe around them.

Since recent times, I've developed the habit of observing three things in people's living rooms or rooms in general.
Their wall art, their rugs and their coffee table vignettes. I don't know why and how I got this idea but these kinda stuff give away the style statement in a home.


Vignettes especially are important because they look trendy, stylish and it holds a sense of personalization.

Look into the decor of the home to get to know the tastes of the home owner, I say.

By assembling pieces that you love in a cohesive way can make a huge impact on your decor, can prove to be an eye-catching style statement and will give away your personality to your visitors which is a great thing because your home should represent YOU.

Mix and match

According to me, Traditional is trendy and modern is magnetic.

We are drawn towards industrial look and we love to incorporate the same in our homes because we think it's cool, comfy and stylish.

BUT! There's always a but!
Do you have any idea what enigmatic style wonders mixing traditional and modern decor can create?

Probably no!
Or atleast even if you knew, you wouldn't probably have expected it to create a style statement to your home. Right?

But trust me, mixing your contemporary styled sofa with traditional looking mirrors or patterned wall art with antique decor can awe your visitors and make way for a transitional stylish home.

Try these design techniques and incorporate these decor elements to make your home even more stylish yet functional.

Let me know in the comments what you think about these decor elements!


  1. These are some good tips! I have two toddlers, so I can’t decorate as stylishly as I would like, but I’ll try to incorporate some of these simple suggestions. Can we get an article on how to have a stylish home that’s also childproof? ������

    1. Oh I would love to write an article on that! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I'm a big fan of plants. Everytime I enter a room decorated with at least two it feels cosy and it calms me down.

    1. So very true. Plants can have a soothing effect on your soul. I've come to a point where a home without plants as decpr seems incomplete to me. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Good tips! I am a mix and match kind of person.

    1. So am I. I just don't like the idea of limiting decor to a single theme or style. Hope you liked the article. Thanks for stopping by!