Gift ideas for Father's day under $100


Fathers are humans who expect nothing. Maybe it's because everyone in the family relies on him for everything and he thinks that it's his duty to give and give and never take? 

They don't view themselves in the position of taking. It's strange and different for them. But let's not deny that a surprise elates them as well. They won't expect but unexpected gifts make their hearts smile too.

They don't stop loving and caring, no matter what. Then why let distance or this quarantine stop us from surprising them?

So let's make the most of the fathers day as an occasion and celebrate their love, sacrifices, and beautiful nature of not showing how much they love you but love you to the core.

Here's a list of unique gifting ideas for father's day because picking a gift for that complex being can be a teeny weeny bit difficult at times.

And the fact that fathers day is just around the corner makes this list even more valuable. The list has gift ideas for every type of father(because they are not the same when it comes to hobbies and personalities). 

The best part? You can have it delivered to their doorstep because quarantine obviously!


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For the tech-loving dad:

If your dad is someone who loves gadgets and electronic devices then this is the perfect steal deal to grab and gift him. 

This Fire HD 10 tablet from amazon is a perfect gift if you want aa stylish tablet that does basic things like watching movies, playing games and reading ebooks at a fairly cheaper price.

Father's day gift ideas

Cellphone sanitizer:

Now let's get a bit tech-genic. Wait! Tech-genic? 

Yeah...The times that we are living in these days isn't

an unknown fact. 

Sanitizers and masks have become more prominent stuff

we carry than earplugs or makeup. Sanitizing everything around us, in fact including us has become a priority but

one thing that we get stuck at is "how to sanitize our phones?" 

Well, there may be many indigenous ways but nothing

beats technology. 

The phone sanitizer sanitizes your phones within 15

minutes without any hassle. 

For the Dad who loves to accessorize:

It’s not only women who love to have accessories that go with their dress and style. Men love accessories too.

Gift your dad these cufflinks set that comes with a tie bar and money clip. It also engraves letters “BestDad”.
Perfect right?

For the Do-It-Yourself Dad:

Dads basically are DIY souls. They love to tweak and turn things and repairing something is their favorite time pass. Every dad loves to set up an evening mini repair shop. So why not gift ’em a perfect toy kit aka toolkit to play with. 

Lol! I’ve listed here two toolkits. A drill toolkit and a basic toolkit for every need.

The Black&Decker drill set is the perfect handy tool every dad needs. It comes in 4 different sets. 

The first one is basic I’ve listed below.

60pc toolkit with a hanging toolkit,

60 pc toolkit with 109 pc accessory lit and

60 pc toolkit with a portable project.

CARTMAN 136pc toolkit:

This handy 136 pc toolkit from CARTMAN is a general

toolkit for every basic household need. Any form of small

repairs is possible with this kit and it has pretty much amazing


For the Dad who loves gardening:

If your dad is someone who loves plants and can easily spend a day serving and nurturing his garden then this soil tester is perfect for him.  

But if your dad is a beginner and wants to learn gardening right from level1 then gift him a cute seed set paired with this workbook.

For Dads who love everything organized:

Men don’t take a second getting pissed off when they can’t find their stuff at the right time. 


Dads especially are the ones who want everything on track and perfectly kept. So gift him this natural solid oakwood organizer and relieve him from the “where did I keep my watch” and “Oh! I can’t find my keys” problems.

For the Dads who love cleanliness:  

Moms want their home clean and dads want their cars clean. Nothing, I repeat nothing pisses dads off more than cleaning dirty car seats. 

And this handy portable vacuum cleaner is just the right thing to gift ‘em when it comes to car accessories. It’s not basically an accessory but a very important handy tool.

For the fitness-freak Dads:

Everybody is a fitness-freak these days. Dads are no exception! 

And considering the happenings of the world right now, being a fitness-conscious has become a must.

So whether your dad is a fitness-conscious or not, gifting him a fitness tracker will prove to be worthy and very useful. Health is wealth after all.

This tracker is amazing because it assesses your health movements overall. Heart rate, sleep rate, your step count and provides you with accurate results.

Personalized water bottles from Personalized Favours

Keep your dad hydrated, healthy, and make him feel loved with this customizable stylish water bottle.

For The Dads who love to travel:

If you are dad is an avid traveler or a wanderlust or often finds himself traveling countries for work-related purposes, then these travel-ready gifts can prove to be really a valuable and most practical gift.

This toiletry leather bag is so spacious that it can hold all his basic essentials in a hassle-free manner. 

Or just have a look at this stylish purse or wallet (or whatever you may call it!), it can hold all his cash, cards and passports too. Isn’t it useful and amazing? To have all your important stuff in one place.


For every Dad, because they carry a lot of burdens:

Everyone loves a good body massage. What if you could have a portable handled massager that cures almost all the body pain away? 


This body massager from Renpho is a very thoughtful gift to your dad this father’s day because let’s face it. As you grow older, your body sprains increase too. So after a day of work, when your dad gets a fruitful massage that takes his pain away, not only will he feel good but happy too that his children care about him so much.

For the Caffeine loving Dads:

It can be a cup of leisure sometimes and sometimes it can an extra cup due to the extra workload he faces, whatever it may be, dads just can’t live off of coffee or tea.

Then why not gift him this beautiful and extremely useful coffee maker. This presser can make up to 8 cups of coffee and is perfect as a gift to someone.

For the barbecuer Dads: 

You know it’s a smoky love affair between your dad and his barbecue station. 

So let their love bloom(loooolll)with this all-inclusive grill accessories set. It had everything nothing for a perfect barbecue.


Gift him these and enjoy a barbecue night with him on father’s day. 



34PCS BBQ Grill Accessories Tools Set

Cuisinart CGS-5020 Deluxe Grill Set, 20-Piece, Stainless steel

For the Dad who loves to read:

Everyone loves the digitalized mode of information these days. Dads are no exception! 

So for the dad who’s a consumer and lover of e-newspapers and ebooks, don't just gift him any glasses but these blue light blocking glasses that prevent his eyes from damage and provides him with the comfort of reading.

For the Dad who loves to write:           

Let's even talk about writing, gifting men pen set has been an old custom which I love the most. I don't know why but it seems that with every feeling poured down with the ink of that pen or with every success signed, your blessings are with the one you gifted. 

It's cool to think that they will be reminded of you whenever they might use the pen. 

So if your dad is someone who loves to write then this pen set from Amazon is just the right set you want to gift him. It comes with a leather notebook and a leather how cool is that?

We live in a busy world, so we do forget sometimes saying an ‘I love you’ to our dad or telling them how much we value them. 

Father’s day is a perfect occasion to let him know what he means to you. 

Drop-in comments about how you are planning to celebrate father’s day this year!