How to decorate and style your coffee table - Unique Coffee table styling ideas.

The living room is the heart of any home and the coffee table is the epicenter of attraction for any living room. 

If I happen to be in somebody's living room, I personally like to notice people’s coffee table first.

I like decoding the elements of style, personalization, and function.

And in its very natural aspect, that's what a coffee table should consist of. 

  • Style,

  • personalization, and

  • function.

It should reflect your tastes and your interests because obviously, it's your coffee table and is the center of attraction for the room and people. 


No doubt you know better how to ace the coffee table styling in your own way but I can help you with the most basic tips, as of 2020, so that you get a direction on what looks good on a coffee table and how to decorate it in a creative, unique way.

Antiques out, the personality in!


Next time when you see a beautiful antique well decorated and put in an IKEA magazine coffee table and have this urge to find a similar one, JUST BECAUSE a leading fashion magazine displayed it. PLEASE STOP!

And think if you like it just for the sake of liking it or it reflects your personality and matches the mood in your home’s decor. 

Decorating your home and every nook and corner should be a personal affair. One that reflects the personality of people living in that home, not some interior designers’ den. Of course, it may look stylish and trendy but it may look out-of-the-place for your house decor.

Instead, add a piece of decor that reflects your taste and choices. Personalization adds extra charm.

Mix and match


Variety is a very important factor when it comes to coffee table styling. There has to be some dialogue and spark between objects placed.

Some sort of contrast, not just in terms of color always but in terms of sizes, shapes, and textures.

So try to add in some metallics, some different textures and varying shapes of decor into your coffee table styling plan.

Of Highs and lows and ups and down


Decorating the objects on a coffee table on the same eye level, (even if the items placed are extraordinary) won’t create a sensation. Or to say the least, the items won’t get any attention.

Because of multiple objects placed on the same eye level, the surface may look a li’l bit cluttered too. So try to keep your coffee table clean and attractive by combining objects that vary in height and shapes. 

Another great thing about styling is to keep certain objects on the top of the table and certain on the bottom. If you have a two-tier coffee table, then don’t let the bottom empty so that a ghost can come and sleep there.

Make your table interesting by placing objects decoratively on both tiers. In this way, you can add some more interesting items on your coffee table to spark your visitors' attention.

Keep it transparent 

Over the years, using a tray on a coffee table has become as usual as using a table runner for a dining table. 

People can’t avoid adding it because it’s not only stylish but extremely functional. It keeps the space from getting cluttered by containing smaller decorative objects. 

But, sometimes using a tray can trick the eye into viewing the coffee table as a cluttered and unkempt place, which we obviously don’t want.

So what’s the solution? 

Well, use an acrylic tray or glass tray, anything that is transparent. Through this, you achieve both. The trays functionality and cleaner space.

A pop of green


Adding plants has become a crucial aspect of interior designing and decorating. It has become kinda customary to do that. Because why not? 

It has so many decorative, stylish, and functional benefits. 

Studies have shown that watching an element that is green in color can improve your mental health, help you with anxiety, and improve your eyesight.

Plus it’s such a dynamic decorative element. You can add it anywhere. 

So why not add it to your coffee table decor to add that extra coziness and charm to your table?

How about a plant on a terracotta pot? 

Use vases but not flowers


No doubt flowers look good as a whole. People love to have them as decorative elements for their beauty and fragrance but according to me, flowers are so...hmmm...I am sorry but they are so in 2015.

Yes, they are trendy even now but as the interior design evolves, people have started experimenting with a lot of stuff and one such is spicing up a flower vase with dried flowers, twigs, and branches and so on. You can even leave them as it is!

Anything extraordinary is what catches the eyes these days. That’s why there’s a surge of mixing traditional with modern and unique.

Try your hands with these kinda coffee table decoration ideas too. 

Split it up


Now, this is a major transformation we are talking about but it’s trendy(kinda long-term), functional, useful, and stylish. 

Swap your usual coffee table for a nested coffee table to achieve a maximum significant impact on your living room design. 

The nested table has so many pros that it’s almost irresistible to not have them.

  • You can use it together or split it up and use each one for a different purpose in the living room.

  • It provides space for every extra thing that you want to add.

  • Splitting the decorative items into three or two tables will keep the eye movement in ease and the space cleaner and breathable too. 

Stack it up 


I know you’ve got the hint and you must be thinking, Mannnnnn! that ‘s such an old typical tip!

But can’t help it because it’s an evergreen decorative object. 

Yes! Stack up the table with two or three of your favorite insightful books to make it look cool, classy, and stylish.

Stack ‘em up and top them with some decorative small object if you like.

It not only decorates your coffee table but gives out your personality to your visitors too.

Styling your coffee table or your home isn’t rocket science. It just needs the right element and direction to design. 

So tell me if you gonna put some of the tips listed above into practice or if you have some other different coffee table decorating tips.