How to decorate your walls within the budget.

16 most amazing wall decor ideas you can’t miss

Designer or not, the very first thing that comes to mind when deciding to decorate homes is “wall decor”.

wall decor ideas on aa budget

The very first question that pops up everyone’s mind is “What do I do to my wall in order to decorate it well?”

Because everyone wants walls that speak of art, of fashion, of fusion and most of all, their own personality induced onto the walls.

And because nobody likes bare walls that stare right back at you.

You are no exception I guess!

You must also be thinking of spicing up your walls with something intriguing, something fascinating and some sort of personalization

(Else, why would you be here scanning through this blog post?)

But you don’t know how what to use and how exactly to decorate your walls. Because with all these explosions of trends and ideas, It’s not uncommon to get confused.

Worries not! Because I’ve curated a list of 16 most stunning ideas to decorate a wall. 

Large or small, broad or narrow, entryway’s wall or Bedroom’s, chic or classy, boho or farmhouse, modern or traditional, there’s an idea for every style. 

So what are you waiting for?

Jump right in, my friend! 

1- GO basic with Artworks.

You must be like duh! The whole world knows that! 

But trust me, this is the most integral part of any design style and I jusssst can’t omit this one from the list.

If you are decorating your wall behind the sofa, then a large wall art or a triptych will look classy. 

Or you can create statement gallery walls if you have small or narrow walls. Because creating a gallery wall on a large wall is a lot of hard work.

Anyways! There are endless possible ways to use artwork or paintings as your perfect wall decor. 

Wall art decor easy

2- Go mainstream with Fabric

Yes! Guessed right! I am talking about tapestries and textile fabrics to be used as wall decor. This trick works well for any type of wall. Large or small.

It adds charm and richness to the walls. Adding them to your walls can give out that elegant rich classy vibe. But if you don’t want to fork out those extra bucks on a tapestry then creating your own fabric wall hanging is a great way to go.

Simple wall decor diy

3- Metallics

OK! Those who’ve followed my previous articles would definitely know how much I adore this type of decor. 

Because one, it’s elegant and modern, it can even complement a minimalist, contemporary, or industrialist home decor.

Wait! I think it can complement any interior design style smoothly. 

It just adds to the vibe of richness to any home decor. 

Metallic wall decor

You will love: DIY metallic tree wall decor 

4 - Accent wall

Why just remain confined to ADDING something to the wall when you can DO ENDLESS THINGS TO THE WALL ITSELF. Accent wall has been a rage for quite a few times and if you’ve got the skills and wills, then go ahead and design your own accent wall.

Or you can hire designers to do the hard work for you. 

I personally love wood used as a decorative medium to create an accent wall. What do you like the most about accent walls? Don’t forget to reply to me in the comments.

cozy living room wall decor

5- Fairy lights

If you want to imbibe those romantic soft feels into your walls or if you are a dreamer who shines through her dreams, then go for fairy lights decor. Use a shadow box, a lantern hanged to the wall with fairy lights or you can create your own fairy lights wallboard like me.

Check this out here: DIY Fairy lights wallboard decor 

(I know mentioning fairy lights seems a li’l bit gender-specific because it is usually used as wall decor by girls and this guide is for everybody, ain’t gender-specific but can’t help! Because I love fairy lights so badly that I wanted to include it to the list. Hope nobody minds!)

easy bedroom wall decor ideas

6- Macrame

Love traditional, boho chic, or farmhouse decor? 

Then hanging macrame on your wall can be the ideal option to decorate it. Because it’s chic and budget-friendly and eco-friendly. 

macrame wall decor easy

7 - Baskets

Honestly, the very first time I saw this as decor, I was not so pleased with it. But eventually, I developed a liking for this shabby chic decor idea. 

So if you are inclined more towards boho, farmhouse, or chic decor, then this wall decor idea is for you.

8 - Go personal with photos and things you love

Hanging photos on the wall is an old tradition that’s still cherished by people as wall decor. 

Because home is not bricks and mortar, it’s the people who make it. So it seems natural to add the essence and presence of those people to every nook and corner of one’s home. 

You can even add personalized items like monogrammed letters or family name signboard to the wall surrounded by other tidbits of personal items that you and your loved ones love. 

9- Shelves

If you wish to have a stylish yet functional design that yields both decor and storage then floating shelves are the best go-to option. You can decorate the shelves as per your choice and taste and can also use some of them for keeping stuff like books and other small stuff organized.

small wall decor ideas

Consider a vignette.

10 - Frames

You must be thinking I am mad to talk about photo frames and family photos all over again but No!

I am talking here about just the frames. Yes! If you have old frames, then get them out and paint them with nice contrasting colors and hang them on your walls. 

home office wall decor ideas

11- Shutters 

Because I just love the idea of recreating a decorative item from old window frames and shutters. 

And because you get to create something best out of the waste and that too within a very minimal amount. 

So if you have one, then paint it and repurpose it and use it on your bedroom wall, your dining area, or even your entryway. 

The best part is, that you can give it any style you want. It can be repurposed into minimalistic style or industrialist, farmhouse,  vintage or Scandinavian. Almost anything!

upcycled decor ideas for kitchen walls

12- Hanging Planters

Bring life to your walls with hanging plants. While the idea isn’t something new, but it has so much significance that it stays evergreen wall decor idea. 

Adding a pop of green here and there can add to the serenity of the house making it airier.

Plus it’s a huge trend these days to have an indoor vertical garden. 

The bonus point is that it matches almost every design style.

entryway wall decor ideas

13- Wood pallets

Go rustic and raw with wood pallets as your wall decor. You can retain its organic features by just using it as a signboard or you can paint it, add mason jars to use it as a DIY sconce. Or a favorite family quote or phrase written on it. Use it as a decor to your heart’s content, because it’s cheap, beautiful and trendy.

dining wall decor ideas diy

14- Antique crockery

Why hide those beautiful ceramic plates behind the cabinet doors when you can actually showcase them beautifully on the wall?

If you have antique crockery set or old custom crockeries then out them to use by hanging them on your dining room wall or kitchen wall as breathtaking traditional wall decor.

Budget friendly wall decor

15- Chalkboard

DIY your own or get it from your nearest thrift store or you can find it on a steal deal from amazon. This is a great wall decor idea, especially for kitchen walls. Use it on your walls in the hallway or anywhere you think it as a perfect fit. If you want decor that’s unique and cool, then this serves the option best.

modern wall decor ideas

16 - Mirrors

Nothing can beat the simplicity and gorgeousness of a mirror hung on the wall. It acts as a focal point and at the same time, brightens up your space. 

Try mixing the functionality of a mirror with the beauty of antique or sculptural frames to glam it a bit higher.

wall decoration mirror

rustic wall decor ideas mirror

Like I always mention in my home decor posts, decorating your home is a feeling and you better know how to decorate every inch of it and this post is just a direction that I am willing to show you in order to start. 

Tell me in the comments, which idea did make a bulb go off in your mind. Also, if you feel stuck, I am very much happy to help you! 

wall decor ideas 2020 easy


  1. I love the minimalist boho decor so the neutrals with the macrame, shelves, and framed artwork really makes me happy.

    Nathalia | NathaliaFit - Fitness & Wellness Blog

    1. Boho has made into my favourites list very recently. I just love the boho-themed artworks! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I love the idea of fairy lights, framing my own photography and friends and family (with thier permission of course). I also love white walls or pale beige and simplicity or minimalism. I really love some of the ideas you have here!

    1. Thank you kirsten! So glad you liked the article! Fairy lights are one of my absolute favourites too.