8 ways to make your home look brighter and beautiful


8 brilliant yet conventional ways to make your space look brighter!

And better….

Brightening up your space is the #2 puzzling thing(wall decor still remains on top) that rings an alarm in your mind when setting up a new place or renovating the current space.

Design themes, elegance, luxurious look, set up everything comes later on the show. Having a bright, cheery space is what everyone loves. To add to that, dark space symbolises dullness and gloominess and has a negative impact on your mental health.

I believe that no matter how much effort you put on the decor, if your space is undesirably dim, then your efforts go down the drain unless you love dark themes.

So in today’s blog post, we’ll be discussing how to make your homes look bright and light and happy. Let's go through some practical, ordinary and extraordinary ways that you can incorporate to achieve bright and airy feeling spaces in your homes.


1- White colour paint

The best and simple way to make a room bright is to paint it white. In fact, according to designers, white is among the best wall colour paints for your walls. Plus, it’s a cheap and sustainable method to achieve bright rooms even when you don’t have windows.  White paint with ample scattered lighting options can do wonders to your home.

But don't overdo this trick and choose your white paint colour wisely. Also, keep it contrasting and fun with different elements of decor. 


2- Mirror

You just need the right mirror placement to achieve both aesthetics and functionality of a mirror. This is the most common idea to brighten up a place after white paint colour and window treatments.

You just need to place mirrors opposite a window or in front of any light source. Mirrors paired with other reflective objects placed strategically can so reflect the light throughout the room.


3- Furniture adjustments

Use furniture that takes up minimal space leaving negative spaces in the room and are lightweight. Keep your furniture neutral coloured or soft light colours that will bounce off the light present in the room.

Especially in a room where the wall colour isn't light, balance if out with light and bright furniture and decorative pieces. Heavy dark coloured furniture not only absorbs light but also creates visual clutter(even if there are fewer pieces in the room).

On the contrary, if your walls are bright white, alongside your flooring and ceiling then using dark shades on the furniture will enhance the look and feel of the room. It's all about balancing the look.

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4- Use of Metallics

We all know how classy and elegant metallics are. Be it decorative pieces or light fixtures or wall art, metallics instantly lift up the mood and scale of the richness of the house. 

This is one of my favourite decorative objects. Plus it's very efficient and functional as it has reflective surfaces. It can add to the charm as well as create an illuminating effect when placed strategically alongside light sources. 

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5- Minimalist walls

Sometimes we are so enthusiastic about decorating the homes that we go overboard and fill each and every bare wall in our house with everything that's under the sky.

This can counter-attack and lead to visual clutter, imbalanced decor and dulling of spaces even if you have bright white walls. Because your walls are now covered with an insane amount of decor and lighting that hinders the soft white surface which in turn prevents light sources to bounce back the light throughout the room. 

That's why it's better to leave moderate negative spaces, not only on walls but throughout the house.


6 - Ample artificial light

Natural light is crucial but only natural lighting can't spread enough and brighten up the entire room.  You also need diffused light sources that scatter lighting through every inch and corner of the house.

Use ceiling fixtures, sconces and lamps to scatter light across the room. Place them strategically so that they don't confine to just a square of the space where they are placed but compliment each other.

Use mirrors and other reflective surfaces across the room so that the lights reflect and spread across everywhere in the house.

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7- Rugs

If your flooring is light then area rugs won't seem significant but if your flooring is dark like dark wood flooring or black granite flooring then incorporating bright coloured rugs can help a ton.

Use bright coloured rugs to infuse brightness, style and functionality in your home.

8-  Pop of colours

Like you use crimson red lipstick to instantly brighten up your face, diffusing certain contrasting colours here and there across the house can create a brightening and enhancing effect. 

For instance, if you use colourful pillows on a cream-coloured sofa that is placed in a room that's dominantly white or any other neutral coloured, then those pillows will add contrast as well as illuminate the dominant colour even more.

Similarly, adding greenery across the house can have a similar brightening effect.


Likewise, if you love a certain dark colour and want to infuse that on your walls, hold back and instead choose one single wall and paint that with your favourite dark colour. In this way,  you get to use that colour plus create an accent wall in your house.

This rule also applies to an area with dark-coloured walls. Use soft pastels and neutrals to create both the brightening effect as well as the contrast between the elements of the room.

Ultimately, there are other ways to incorporate brightness in your house like light-coloured curtains, ceiling treatments and let's not forget the most important, cleaning your windows properly(that's crucial!)

Tell me in the comments, which of these options will you use to brighten up your space, or what tactics have you employed to lighten up your place?

Also if you have other suggestions please do share. I would love to know what comes to your mind when you think of brightening up spaces.