║you have a desire to create new stuff and give reality to your imagination!║

║Or you are someone who gets fascinated by colors!║

║maybe someone who lacks motivation and wanna improve your game?║
║Well! you can be someone who loves being healthy and happy!!!║

No matter who you are 
the great news is you are

Welcome to my virtual home!

Creative ARTtitude is my tiny identity in this blogging world where I share with you the essence of creativity and color and its association with life and its instances. The two words ‘creativity’ and ‘attitude’ sums up my whole perception of life.

It all started with a paint box

Creativity, colors, DIY are words that have stayed within me since 7. 
When my dad bought me a paint box for the very first time,  I just couldn’t stop admiring the varsity of colors and I still get a
smile thinking of that butterfly I painted the following evening.
Also, the very next day gifted my bestie a handmade birthday card which she clearly admired and that boosted my confidence and love for creating unique stuff on my own and
since then I've developed a deep interest in DIY-ING, painting, crafting, decorating and all things creative. 

Now when I think of it the thing that intrigued me to paint the following evening was not only the excitement that a kid gets when he/she has something new but the colors were the driving force.

They enticed in me strong emotions of YES! I CAN DO IT and I did! The right colors just make things beautiful.  

Let’s not deny that our life is also like a canvas that needs to be painted so let’s just BE  CREATIVE with our canvas and just make them colorful with the right choice of colors. 

Colors like self-care, happiness, mental peace and contentment. Because our emotions are like colors and life”s instances are like textures and strokes.

canvas called life

I created this tiny blog to share my passion and for the fact that I just love love sharing what I learn and what I know.

So this blog is for everybody who loves colors and creativity and has the knack for positivity and being mentally healthy.

You are going to find here a sense of creativeness with the splash of colors, tips to stay healthy and ways to improve mental peace.

Who Am I?

I am a nerdy Muslimah referred to as Ayra Mulk and a happy wife to an even happier hubster(he has me after all;p)
I completed my bachelor's in science and I am originally from India residing in the deserts(guessed right! I live in UAE).

I've always been fond of painting and crafts and you can find me anywhere where there's art.
Writing about positive attitude and mental health was not my forte 
until people started complimenting me on that.

Growing up, I thought to myself that technology is the scope and industry to be in and so I made the mistake of choosing what I didn't love and wasted my years of studying in that but eventually my love for arts and craft resurfaced (mainly with the help of compliments from people) and now there's no looking back! 

Some fun facts about me :

  • I am a very big foodie, like you can find me anywhere where there's a new food outlet.
  • Milk tea(chai) is my drug.
  • a sucker for clouds.
  • and am scared of dogs( dog lovers, don't punish me for this!)

Why blogging?

The idea of being able to make an identity of my own, that too within the comfort of my home and also share what I love and like was completely exciting and motivating. I knew from my high school days that I wanted to create something of myself but had no clue of the 'how?' and the 'what?'   

Blogging has managed to keep me hooked since late 2018 when I randomly scrolled Quora and came to know about this term(totally random). Fast forward a few months, I got more and more interested.
and as a Muslim woman who wants to create something of her own within her boundaries of hijab, this was my perfect shot!
hence CREATIVE ARTTITUDE! tada!!!!

By now, you might have guessed that I associate creativeness and colors to life and its instances.
 If yes! Then you are awesome and awesome people need to stay connected!


So join me in for some DIY treats and a dose of self-care and mental health care.
you won't regret staying back!